Benefits to Drummers are Astounding!

The ultimate way to learn drums! The Drum Truck is a patented, fully functional drum studio on wheels…. The first one of it's kind in the world! We simply turn up to your child's school and host the lessons from there. No noise, no hassle, so no reason not to give it a go! 1 to 1 lessons from as little as £43.33, which includes 2 x 30 minute lessons at our studio over the holidays. To sign up simply click on the icon relating to the lesson length you want, pay your initial payment and we'll take care of the rest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up??

A: Please check the school name in the list below and then either click on the 20min or 30min icon at the top of the page and make the initial payment then fill in your details OR if it says to call to set up a DD (Direct Debit) then call us and we'll take the payment from you over the phone.

Q: How long are lessons?

A: 20 or 30 minutes your choice (though sometimes the school only permits 20mins).

Q: When/where are lessons held?

A: We can start as early as 8:30am and finish as late 4:30pm but generally, unless you want an out of school hours slot, are held somewhere between 9am and 3pm. They’re held IN the Drum Truck (yes, you’re welcome to come and check it out and be suitably impressed!) and we’ll be parked up somewhere within school grounds.

Q: What day are lessons held?

A: Look below the FAQ's to find out the day we're in your child's school.

Q: Are they 1 to 1 or group?

A: 1 to 1

Q: How much are lessons?

A: £13.00 per 20min lesson, which, on a monthly standing order / direct debit works out at £43.33 PCM (40 x 20 min lessons PA). £20 per 30min lesson so £66.66 PCM. (40 x 30 min lessons PA).

Q: We don’t have a kit. Do we need to get one before we start?

A: No, absolutely not. We will show your child how they can practice at home without a kit.

Q: How do we pay?

A: You pay for the 1st two months + the tuition book upfront when you sign up, then set up a monthly standing order / direct debit to spread the payments evenly over a year.

Q: Do you do grades?

A: We have developed our own grading system to include live performance alongside the traditional grade format. As well as grades 1-8 we offer 3 debut grades that students can complete prior to grade 1.

Q: Can we have a taster lesson?

A: We’ll go 3 better… you can have a taster MONTH! Our 30 day money back guarantee means that if at any point in the 1st 30days your child does not wish to continue, let us know and we’ll refund you!

Q: What age do you start teaching form?

A: We start as young as 4yrs... Reception class.

Q: Are you fully insured and DBS checked?

A: Again, absolutely! There’s nothing more important to us than our pupils, your children.


Below are the schools in which we currently teach and the days we're there:

All Saints - Tuesday

Churchgate Street - Tuesday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Great Dunmow - Monday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Hertford Heath - Thursday

Hillmead - Wednesday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Howe Green - Thursday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Little Hallingbury - Friday

Manor Fields - Monday

Manuden - Wednesday

Moreton - Monday

Morgans - Friday

Richard Whittington - Thursday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Rodings - Tuesday

Spellbrook - Monday

St Andrews (North Weald) - Wednesday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Stebbing - Wednesday

St Josephs (Bishop's Stortford) - Tuesday

St Josephs (Hertford) - Thursdays

St Michaels - Wednesday & Thursday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Summercroft - Friday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

Thorley Hill - Thursday (CALL US TO SET UP DD)

What people are saying about us

I really enjoy playing the drums, it’s really exciting! I’m really eager to play every week!

★★★★★ My son has come home today from school happier than i have ever seen him he had his first lesson with Jed today and thoroughly enjoyed it thank you ★★★★★

“I loved every minute of my lesson. My teacher was so nice and drums are now my new passion! I was also super impressed by the Drum Truck.

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